Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas

As the summer of 2024 approaches, the quest for the perfect blend of style, comfort, and ease in hairstyles becomes a priority for those with medium-length hair. This comprehensive guide is curated to offer you the most stylish, easy-to-manage summer hairstyles tailored for medium hair, ensuring you stay ahead in the fashion game while enjoying the vibrant season to its fullest.

Effortless Elegance for Summer Breezes

When the mercury climbs, and the beach beckons, a simple casual elegance takes precedence. This classic ribbon-tied ponytail is the embodiment of that spirit—effortless yet sophisticated. It’s a hairstyle that whispers of summer’s carefree days, where the focus is on the joy of the season rather than meticulous grooming.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @r.haladzhun

Simple to achieve, this look works wonders on medium hair, making it one of the easiest easy summer hairstyles for medium hair 2024. Tailored to those who appreciate a timeless charm, it might not cater to the avant-garde trendsetters.

Care for this look by opting for silk ribbons to prevent breakage and maintaining the hair’s sheen with a light, nourishing oil. A hairstyle as classic as this deserves the right accessories, so why not choose a ribbon that echoes the hues of the sea or the golden sands?

What speaks of summer more than a touch of whimsy? This style allows for personal expression—whether it’s through the color of the ribbon or a spritz of beach wave spray to add texture to the ponytail, it’s a simple cute choice that never fails to charm.

Braids as Cool as Summer Nights

Sultry summer nights call for a hairstyle that’s both stylish and functional. French braids like these are more than just a trend; they are a quintessential summer staple. Perfect for those with long or medium hair looking to keep their locks tame on balmy evenings.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @t_of_beauty

This style suits almost anyone but is particularly flattering for those with round faces as it elongates the profile. However, those with ultra-short cuts may find it challenging to replicate this French braid look.

To maintain the integrity of the braids and prevent frizz, I recommend using a smoothing serum before you begin braiding. For upkeep, a silk scarf at night can help preserve the style’s intricacy.

As a personal stylist insight, consider adding small floral accessories or glittering pins to the braids for a festive touch. The braids themselves serve as a canvas for your creativity.

A Romantic Updo for Sunset Soirees

For those sunset soirees or spontaneous get-togethers, a romantic bun updo accented with pearls offers an aura of vintage glamour. This updo for long hair captures the nostalgic essence of bygone eras and repackages it for summer 2024’s easy-breezy aesthetic.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @hairstyles_by__ann

Best suited for those with medium to long hair, the style might not be as practical for individuals with short or very curly hair. Nevertheless, it’s a versatile look that can be adapted to various hair textures with the right styling tools.

To keep this hairstyle fresh and voluminous, use a volumizing spray before styling. After creating the bun, apply a strong-hold yet flexible hair spray to ensure that the pearls and every strand stay in place.

Infusing this style with a modern twist, why not pair it with contemporary geometric earrings? The juxtaposition of old and new is what makes this look a conversation starter.

High Voltage Glamour for Electric Evenings

Turn heads and channel your inner diva with a voluminous high ponytail. This is quick and easy, yet packs a punch of glamour that’s undeniably perfect for any summer party. It’s a simple casual go-to that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @hairstyles_by__ann

While this look can work wonders for those with long hair, creating a high ponytail with short or shoulder length hair might require extensions for the added drama. However, its simplicity and effectiveness make it a universal hit.

Maintain this style’s sky-high volume with a texturizing powder at the roots and a spritz of shine spray to give it that glossy finish. For an evening out, why not add a sparkly hair cuff or ribbon to elevate the look even further?

This high ponytail isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. Whether you’re dancing the night away or enjoying a rooftop dinner, it’s a style that says you’re here to enjoy every summer moment to the fullest.

Midnight Mystique with a Modern Twist

This playful updo is for the bold and the whimsical at heart, ready to explore the summer nights with a touch of fantasy. The cat-ear detail is a nod to modern pop culture while retaining an air of sophistication, making it one of the more trendy easy summer hairstyles for medium hair 2024.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @hairstyles_by__ann

Ideal for those with long or medium hair, the cat-ear updo might pose a challenge for those with short hair. But don’t let that dampen your spirits; a pair of faux cat-ear headbands can work just as well for shorter styles!

To ensure this hairstyle stays cute and fun all night long, I’d suggest using a strong hold hairspray and maybe a touch of hair wax to sculpt the ears just right.

Why not pair this hairstyle with bold eyeliner or vibrant lipstick? It’s a look that’s as much about personality as it is about style—perfect for those summer festivals or night markets.

The Sculpted Waves Ponytail

The Sculpted Waves Ponytail beckons with a touch of classic Hollywood glam, modernized for the chic summer of 2024. It’s all about waves that flow effortlessly from a ponytail, reminiscent of the ocean’s gentle ripples.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @hairstyles_by__ann

Ideal for those with shoulder length to long hair, this hairstyle may require some styling prowess to achieve the perfect wave on shorter hair lengths. It’s a versatile choice for round faces, giving an elongated effect, and for those with straight hair yearning for some bounce.

To keep your waves bouncy, use a heat protectant before curling, and finish with a flexible hold hairspray. If you have naturally curly hair, a smoothing serum will ensure your waves are frizz-free.

Consider this style your go-to for any summer party or a day when you want to feel a bit more polished without compromising on fun. It’s a quick and easy ‘do that radiates sophistication while being absolutely wearable.

The Twisted Chignon with a Modern Twist

Next on our list is the Twisted Chignon with a Modern Twist, a simple casual updo that takes a classic style and gives it a contemporary edge. This understated yet chic look is perfect for those impromptu summer evenings.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @hairstyles_by__ann

This style is a match made in heaven for anyone with medium to long hair, and while those with short hair may find it tricky, don’t shy away from trying it with the help of some styling tools.

To maintain this elegant twist, ensure your hair is well-conditioned and use a styling cream to add texture. A strategically placed decorative clip not only adds a pop of style but also helps hold the style in place.

The twisted chignon is a timeless look that offers a canvas for your personal flair—whether that’s a classic barrette or something more bold and modern, like the clip shown in the style.

The Modern-Day Gibson Tuck

For a nod to the elegance of yesteryear with a modern-day sensibility, the Modern-Day Gibson Tuck is your answer. This style exudes a simple charm and is suited for anyone looking for a quick and easy yet sophisticated look, perfect for shoulder length to long hair.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @mironi_makeup

While it’s ideally suited for those with wavy or straight hair, those with curly textures can still achieve this look with a bit of straightening.

The key to maintaining this hairstyle lies in using products that provide both hold and flexibility. A good texturizing spray can work wonders to give the tuck its shape and volume.

The Gibson Tuck is versatile, functioning just as well for a day at the school as for a casual summer evening out. It’s a look that speaks of classic beauty with none of the fuss.

The Whimsical Braid Fairytale

Stepping into a summer fairytale, the Whimsical Braid Fairytale hairstyle is all about bringing a playful and cute twist to your look. With intricate braids that cascade into loose waves, it’s a fun choice for anyone wanting to add a bit of magic to their summer style.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @chayka.nast

This style is perfect for those with long, wavy hair and can be adapted for medium hair as well. Those with short hair can still partake in this whimsical style by incorporating extensions or focusing the braids around the crown.

A little tip for keeping those braids enchanting: Use a light hold hairspray and perhaps a few sparkly hair accessories to capture the light of summer evenings.

The Whimsical Braid Fairytale is a style that promises adventure and romance, suitable for everything from beach days to party nights. It’s about expressing your inner storybook character with every twist and turn.

The Celestial Crown Braid

Our masterpiece is the Celestial Crown Braid, a majestic and trendy choice for those looking to add a bit of star-studded glamour to their summer nights. The intertwining braids adorned with delicate accents evoke images of a night sky sprinkled with stars.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @chayka.nast

This braid is wonderful for medium to long hair and can be a bit more challenging for those with short hair. However, accessories like small hair jewels or metallic threads woven into the braid can offer the same celestial vibe for shorter styles.

To keep this celestial creation in place, I suggest using a firm hold hairspray and consider braiding in some hair embellishments for that extra sparkle that lasts all evening.

The Celestial Crown Braid isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s an accessory in its own right. It’s equally fitting for a high-fashion event or a simple gathering under the stars. Whichever the occasion, it’s sure to make you feel like you’re the constellation everyone is gazing at.

This style speaks to those with a flair for the dramatic and a love for the night’s mystique. It’s a braid that weaves together the romance of summer nights with the untamed beauty of the stars.

The Silken Strands of Midnight

Introducing the Silken Strands of Midnight, a testament to sleek sophistication. This hairstyle stands out with its long, flowing locks that embody the casual ease of a summer’s night. It’s the epitome of an easy, straight hairstyle that exudes elegance without trying too hard.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @chayka.nast

Perfect for those with naturally long hair, it can be a bit of a stretch for those with short hair. But don’t despair, extensions can come to the rescue to achieve this lush look. It’s a style that works wonders for all, irrespective of face shape, be it round faces or otherwise.

Keep your tresses looking lustrous with a shine serum and combat humidity with an anti-frizz spray. As for care, regular trims ensure your shoulder length haircuts for women short or long stay healthy and split-end free.

Let your hair down and let the natural sway of your strands dance to the rhythm of your steps. It’s a minimalistic yet chic style, a true simple casual beauty for any summertime affair.

The Balayage Beauty

Behold the Balayage Beauty, a canvas of hair painted with the perfect blend of color, akin to the summer sunset sky. This style offers a gorgeous transition from deep roots to light tips, creating a stunning visual that is both trendy and timeless.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @salontocci

Those with medium to long hair can flaunt this look with pride, though even those with shorter hair can embrace a balayage tailored to their cut. It’s particularly flattering for those with wavy hair, as the color adds dimension to each curl.

To keep your balayage bright, use color-protective shampoos and conditioners. For extra care, a toning treatment can help manage any unwanted brassiness, ensuring your balayage stays salon-perfect.

The Balayage Beauty is not just a hairstyle but a reflection of your dynamic personality. From beach lounging to a chic party, this style has got you covered, turning heads wherever you go.

The Subtle Twist Ponytail

Next is the Subtle Twist Ponytail, a modern twist on the classic pony. This style is effortless, elegant, and one of the most versatile easy summer hairstyles for medium hair 2024. It adds a touch of intrigue with its coiled sections leading to a playful ponytail.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

This look is ideal for those with shoulder length and long hair. If you have short hair, you can still achieve a similar aesthetic with a half-up, half-down version of the twist.

Maintaining this style is a breeze with a bit of texturizing spray to keep the twist in place and a light hairspray to hold the ponytail.

Whether it’s a casual day out or an evening soiree, the Subtle Twist Ponytail is a quick and easy fix for an instantly pulled-together look.

The Sculptural Loop Braid

Introducing the Sculptural Loop Braid, where creativity and hair artistry meet. This look is all about structure and texture, turning the hair into a piece of sculptural work with its looped braid design.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

Those with long or shoulder length hair can fully embrace this updo 2024. It can be more challenging for short hair but not impossible—with the right styling products and techniques, a modified version is within reach.

To ensure your loops stay defined and dramatic, use a stronghold gel or mousse during the braiding process.

This innovative look is sure to be a conversation starter, perfect for those summer art shows or any event where you want your style to make a statement.

The Modern Art Ponytail

Next but not least, the Modern Art Ponytail is a hairstyle that takes simplicity and turns it into something spectacular. Featuring geometric loops, this style turns the humble ponytail into a work of art.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

This look is versatile, working well for those with medium to long hair. For those with short hair, adding a few hairpieces can lend the necessary length to create the loops.

A spritz of stronghold spray will help maintain the structure of your loops, and don’t shy away from a smoothing cream to keep everything sleek.

The Modern Art Ponytail is your go-to for a quick and easy cute updo that doesn’t just follow the trends—it sets them. Suitable for a myriad of occasions, it’s a statement that your sense of style is as current and bold as your spirit.

Embrace the Casual Elegance

Tucked within the strands of this effortless look is a breath of summer – a relaxed bun secured by a sleek hair stick. The simplicity of this style makes it a go-to for medium hair this season. Its simplicity whispers elegance, perfect for those who cherish a casual vibe with a touch of sophistication.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

Those with a round face will adore how the bun adds height, elongating their profile. However, for those with longer visages, this style may not be as flattering. To keep this look pristine, I recommend a light hold hairspray that will maintain the bun without sacrificing the hair’s natural movement.

For those sun-kissed days, remember that this style isn’t just about the hair – it’s an ensemble piece. Pair with a breezy blouse to embody that beach flair. As a stylist, I suggest embracing your hair’s natural texture, allowing a few strands to frame the face for that easy, cute allure.

Sunny Dispositions

Capturing the essence of a sunflower, this hairstyle is for the bold and the beautiful. Ideal for shoulder length hair, the flower clip accentuates waves that cascade down the back. It’s a cute and easy statement piece that transitions seamlessly from a day at the beach to an evening party.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: sabiineejo

This look favors those with wavy or curly hair, giving a fun and youthful vibe. Yet, it might be too playful for someone looking for a more conservative style. To keep these waves lush, a curl-defining cream can work wonders, especially one that combats humidity.

Pair with a sun dress or a light top, and you have a simple cute look that’s both trendy and timeless. Remember, the key to this style is letting those waves run wild and free – it’s the embodiment of summer carefreeness.

Braided Bliss

Here we have a bohemian twist on the classic French braid – a cascade of golden highlights framing the face, leading into a beautifully messy bun. This look is updo simple yet exquisitely detailed, making it a brilliant choice for medium hair this summer.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: Paris Queen

It’s a versatile look that can flatter various face shapes, but it shines on those with oval or long faces. If your hair is fine or straight, a texturizing spray will help to achieve that messy bun effect. For care, I suggest using a nourishing hair oil to maintain the shine of those highlights.

This style speaks of festival days and casual evenings out. It’s a hairstyle that says you’ve put thought into your look without looking overdone – the hallmark of a simple casual summer.

Chic and Sleek

The dual braids offer a fresh take on the updo for long or medium hair, embodying a mix of playfulness and edge. This hairstyle plays well with straight or curly textures and is stunning for those with an angular or square face.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

While anyone can rock this look, it’s particularly striking on individuals with prominent cheekbones. For upkeep, invest in a smoothing serum to keep those braids sleek. On hot, quick, and humid summer days, this style keeps hair managed and off the neck, offering both style and comfort.

Imagine this with high-waisted shorts and a crisp white shirt; you’ve got yourself a look that’s at once street-smart and school-cool.

Polished Ponytail

Behold, a ponytail that’s the epitome of sleek chic. This shoulder length haircut for women radiates elegance and is a testament to the power of a simple pony. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a professional look that still feels summer-easy.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

This style is especially complementary to those with long faces, as it accentuates the jawline and draws the eye upward. It might be less suitable for those with very short hair. A high-quality hair tie and a bit of shine serum can go a long way in achieving this polished appearance.

From boardroom to a high-end party, this ponytail holds its own. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, the simplest styles are the most impactful, proving to be both quick and easy.

Voluminous Waves

Nothing says easy and trendy like soft, flowing waves that give off an effortless vibe. This style is all about volume and texture, making it ideal for those with shoulder length to long hair. It’s an exquisite match for individuals with round faces, as it frames the face beautifully, creating an illusion of length.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: @enesy1lmazz

For those with straight hair looking to replicate these waves, a good curling wand and a heat protectant spray are your best friends. Maintaining the bounce and shine of such a look calls for a volumizing mousse, applied at the roots for that added lift.

In terms of fashion, this style pairs wonderfully with casual or semi-formal attire, offering a versatility that’s suitable for a beach day or a party night. It’s one of those simple casual looks that’s also incredibly chic.

Half-Up, Half-Down Elegance

For those hot summer days when you want to keep hair away from your face but still show off your length, the half-up, half-down style is perfection. This updo for long hair is a quick and easy choice that works wonders for practically any face shape, especially if you have curly or wavy hair.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: Jade

To keep this look in place while maintaining its easy casual feel, a flexible hairspray will do the trick. It keeps your locks controlled without sacrificing that natural sway. And let’s not forget a good texturizing spray to enhance those waves, giving your hair a sun-kissed beach texture.

This hairstyle is a surefire way to turn heads whether you’re enjoying a laid-back lunch or attending an outdoor school event. It’s an effortless blend of simple and elegant.

Twisted Serenity

The subtle twist in this updo provides an air of sophistication to the flowing locks beneath. It’s an enchanting choice for those with highlighted or balayage-treated hair, as it shows off the intricate color work. This updo for long hair is a stunner for those with straight or wavy hair, offering a simple yet elegant touch.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by: Hetvi Rana

Suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal, it’s a quick style that doesn’t demand hours of prep. A nourishing leave-in conditioner can help keep those twisted locks healthy and vibrant. For those with shoulder length haircuts for women, this can be a go-to style that’s both graceful and practical.

Pair this twist with a floaty dress, and you’ve got the ideal casual, breezy look for a summer’s day out.

Classic Bow Ponytail

Reviving the timeless ponytail with a simple and cute bow, this hairstyle breathes new life into a classic. Ideal for medium to long hair, it’s especially flattering for those with straight hair and can work beautifully on both round faces and long faces by creating balance.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

To maintain the sleekness of the ponytail, a smoothing serum will ensure there are no flyaways. And for the bow, select a fabric that won’t crease easily to keep it looking crisp throughout the day.

This look is versatile enough to carry you from a day at school to a sophisticated evening event. It’s a sweet nod to casual femininity with a modern twist.

Satin Ribbon Glamour

The lustrous allure of a satin ribbon adds an element of luxury to the voluminous waves of this look. This updo is the embodiment of simple elegance that can elevate a shoulder length haircut to new heights of glamour. While it’s a dream for those with naturally wavy or curly hair, those with straight hair can also join the party with a bit of styling.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

The right heat styling tools and protective sprays are essential to craft these lush waves, and a shine-enhancing hair serum will keep your locks looking lustrous. The ribbon itself should be tied just tight enough to hold, but loose enough to maintain the hair’s natural movement.

This style is your ticket to being the belle of the ball or the chicest attendee at a summer party. It’s fun, flirty, and undeniably fashionable.

Textured Updo Elegance

Here we are with a textured updo that’s nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s a harmonious blend of twists and turns, creating a delicate, yet impactful statement. This is an ideal updo for those with medium to long hair, adding a touch of easy, breezy elegance to any summer attire.

Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas
Photo credit by:

The style is suited best for those with a bit of natural wave or curl, adding to the texture and depth of the updo. It’s also a fantastic choice for individuals looking to accentuate their necklines or showcase a stunning pair of earrings, as seen here. The updo creates a casual, yet sophisticated silhouette that compliments round faces and long faces alike.

Maintaining such an intricate style might seem daunting, but with some practice and the right texturizing products, it becomes a simple task. A touch of hairspray and perhaps a few hidden pins will ensure your creation holds throughout the event.

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Easy Summer Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2024 26 Ideas

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