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This is Hellen, your friendly neighborhood beauty blogger. I’m here to give you the best makeup tips and tricks, so you can look amazing every day.

I’ll be bringing you advice on how to do your makeup like a pro, but also sharing fun stories about my life as a beauty girl. I hope you enjoy it!

Spring Nails and Makeup 2024 15 Ideas: A Fresh Take on Beauty and Art

As the fresh breath of spring infuses the air, the time is ripe to revamp our beauty routines. This season,…

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2024 New Year’s Makeup 21 Ideas: Purple Glam for Quinceanera, Douyin, and Euphoria Fans

Hey there, lovely readers! It’s Anna, your go-to expert in all things beauty and fashion. As we step into 2024,…

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New Year’s Eye Makeup 2024 18 Ideas: Glitter, Lunar, and Gemstone Glam

As we usher in the promising year of 2024, it’s time to put on our party hats and unleash our…

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2024 New Year’s Makeup 18 Ideas: Unleash Chinese Lunar Glam with Maddy Perez Inspiration

Hey there, beautiful readers! I’m Anna, your go-to guru for all things beauty and fashion. Today, I’m thrilled to share…

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New Year’s Makeup Green 2024 16 Ideas: Glamorous Eyes, ’80s Vibes, and Enchanting Trends

As a seasoned professional in the realm of female beauty and fashion, I am excited to share my expertise with…

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New Year’s Makeup Red 2024 16 Ideas: Lips, Eyes & Hair Trends

Hey there! I’m Anna, a seasoned aficionado in the world of fashion and beauty. If you’re pondering about jazzing up…

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Silver Christmas Makeup 2023 18 Ideas: Trending Combinations for the Festive Season

Well, it’s happening! Silver has shot up to stardom in the makeup sphere. Fresh, flamboyant, festive – it’s the shade…

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Red Christmas Makeup 2023: 20 Ideas, Tutorials, and Trends for Women

Seasons change. So do styles. Makeup? Oh, honey, that’s a chameleon in its league! And come Christmastime, nothing screams “celebrate!”…

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Green Christmas Makeup 2023 18 Ideas: From Light Natural to Dark Smokey Eye

Hey there, lovely readers! Anna here, popping in with my usual flair for all things beauty and fashion. Boy, oh…

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Christmas Makeup 2023 16 Ideas: Dive into a World of Glitter and Elegance

Golly, having twirled around in this beauty world, the U.S. never ceases to amaze! Every twirl of the calendar page…

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