Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas

Have you ever caught your reflection on a bright summer day and thought, “This look just doesn’t capture the vibrant season”? Summer calls for quick and easy – simple hairstyles for summer that aren’t just about looking good, but feeling breezy, carefree, and effortlessly chic. What styles will make you feel as though you’re strolling down the beach with the sun warming your skin, or sitting pretty at a sun-drenched brunch with friends? From Updos for long hair to playful short hair styles, I’m here to unveil a collection that will carry you through the heat with ease and style. Ready to find your new signature ‘do?

Summer’s Breeze Ponytail

Who says simplicity can’t be stunning? A twist on the classic ponytail, this style integrates a side braid seamlessly woven into a low ponytail, epitomizing the ease of summer styling. It’s perfect for those with long hair and works beautifully to keep you cool on those scorching summer days.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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Anyone can rock this look, but it’s especially great for women on the go who need a quick and easy hairstyle that can transition from office to beach without a hitch. This hairstyle isn’t just for the casual days though—it can also be a subtle yet chic updo for long hair suitable for wedding guests or a party scene.

To maintain the look throughout a humid day, I’d recommend a spritz of flexible-hold hairspray. It keeps the braid intact without sacrificing movement. A product like Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray works wonders.

This style is a reminder that easy updos don’t have to be complicated. They are as much about the wearer’s attitude as they are about the style itself. Embrace the breeze, let a few strands loose, and embody that summer spirit!

The Ethereal Half-Up Twist

Enter a realm where simplicity meets elegance—the half-up twist. This hairstyle for women who treasure their long hair styles but want to add a whimsical touch to the everyday look. It’s just right for those with medium to long length hair, giving a nod to the free-spirited nature of summer.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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It’s an ideal match for ladies who prefer a bit more structure but still desire movement in their hair. Perhaps not the first choice for those with very short hair, but certainly a beautiful option for most hair lengths and types.

For the best effect, use a texturizing spray before styling to add volume and grip. A favorite of mine is the Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray. It’s like a day at the beach in a bottle, minus the sand!

In this style, the wearer’s personality shines as much as their hair—whether they’re strolling through a quaint coastal town or turning heads at a summer soirée, it’s the go-to for a touch of cute and carefree elegance.

Chic Chignon with a Twist

A chic chignon is the quintessential easy updo for those sophisticated summer nights. This one’s accessorized with a silk scarf, adding a touch of class to a functional hairstyle. It’s versatile enough for both a smart casual function or a day at the office.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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Best suited for women with medium length hair to long hair, it might pose a challenge for those with short hair styles. However, don’t underestimate the power of a good hair extension if you’re keen on this look!

To keep your chignon sleek and frizz-free, I recommend a smoothing serum, like the Moroccanoil Treatment Light. It’s particularly good for those with greasy hair or those who struggle with summer humidity.

There’s an art to looking effortlessly elegant, and this hairstyle is a canvas for your personal style—whether you’re tying it with a scarf or a ribbon, it’s bound to turn heads.

Casual Fishtail Flair

Now, this is for those who adore a little braid action— a casual fishtail braid adding an edge to flowing locks. It’s a charming choice for medium hair casual days or a laid-back beach getaway.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: ROSE LEE

This braid is a win for those with thick hair, giving enough volume and texture to make the braid stand out. For those with fine or straight hair, just tease at the braid for a fuller look.

Before braiding, I’d go for a volumizing mousse such as the Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17. It gives that necessary hold and makes each strand count.

Every twist and turn of the fishtail is a story of summer adventures. It’s not just a braid; it’s a statement—a blend of easy, breezy, and beautiful.

Braided Crown for a Summer Queen

This is more than a hairstyle; it’s a crown—crafted not from jewels, but from your own hair. A braided crown, complete with a ribbon, gives a regal touch to your summer ensemble. It’s a darling of long hair styles, an ideal updo for long hair that crowns you the queen of any summer festivity, be it a vacation, party, or even a wedding guest appearance.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: ROSE LEE

If you’ve got medium hair and are thinking this look isn’t feasible, think again. With the right technique, a bit of extension can weave magic into your hair. The style might not be as easy to pull off for someone with very short hair, but it’s perfect for those with lengthier locks.

A good styling cream, like Bumble and Bumble’s Styling Creme, will help the braid hold better and add a soft sheen. For those with greasy hair, start with a dry shampoo at the roots to ensure the style holds all day.

The braided crown is a testament to the versatility of braids and the creativity they allow. Wrap a sheer ribbon for a soft, ethereal look, or opt for a bold color to make a statement. This style is a marriage of tradition and trend, a nod to the past with a chic, modern twist.

Modern Muse Bob

This style breathes new life into the classic bob—a short hair dream. The length is perfect for those who want to stay cool and unfettered during the hot summer months, with a color that shimmers like the last rays of a sunset.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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The versatility of this cut makes it suitable for most face shapes, and it’s particularly flattering for those with a sharper jawline. It may not be the best pick for those seeking updos for long hair, but it’s ideal for anyone wanting to showcase a bold, confident look at summer events or in the office.

To keep the bob looking its best, I recommend a light pomade to give it shape and texture. Try the Living Proof Molding Clay for a touch of sophistication and hold.

Adorned with minimalistic jewelry and paired with a chic off-shoulder dress, this hairstyle is the epitome of summer elegance—proving that sometimes, less truly is more.

Playful Pony with a Twist

The ponytail—a timeless classic, gets a playful upgrade with curly locks and a patterned ribbon. It’s an easy updo that’s as fun as it is functional, keeping you cool on the go, whether you’re on a vacation or just out for a casual day.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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It’s perfect for medium to long length hair and creates a lovely profile that complements wavy textures. If you have short hair or straight hair, don’t shy away from curling it beforehand or using a scrunchie to add volume.

For maintaining those lively curls in the summer heat, a curl-refreshing spray like the Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray is my go-to.

Tied with a ribbon that matches your outfit, this hairstyle adds a pop of personality to any summer wardrobe, making it as cute as it is cool.

Enchanted Tress Accessory

Here’s a style that merges effortless beauty with enchantment—an open hair look accentuated by a braided section crowned with a hair accessory. It’s perfect for those with long hair styles or long length hair looking to add an element of magic to their look.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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While it’s a great fit for most hair types, those with medium hair for beginners may find it an easy and gorgeous way to start experimenting with braiding.

To ensure that your mane stays smooth and the braid stands out, I recommend a shine-enhancing hair spray like Kenra Shine Spray. It adds a lustrous finish without weighing the hair down.

This style is a nod to the fairy tales we grew up with, but with a modern twist—making it ideal for a wedding guest, a party, or just a day when you feel like adding a bit of fantasy to your look.

Boho Waves with a Braid

Finally, we have the bohemian-inspired look—a beautiful amalgamation of waves and a side braid that screams summer freedom. This long hair style is versatile, working equally well for a beach day as for a more formal party setting.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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Suitable for those with long length hair or even medium hair, it’s an invitation to embrace the natural flow and movement of your hair.

A sea salt spray, like the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, can help achieve those beachy waves, giving you that just-out-of-the-ocean texture.

This style speaks of summer stories waiting to be told. It’s a reminder of the beauty of nature, woven through your hair, ready to accompany you on all your summery exploits.

Softly Tied Sophistication

This effortlessly chic ponytail, adorned with a simple fabric scrunchie, is a testament to easy styling that speaks volumes. It’s ideal for long hair or those with medium length hair who love a daily, no-fuss approach to elegance.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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It’s particularly flattering for anyone who loves a breezy, beach look but needs to transition to a school casual or even office setting without much ado. While the ponytail works for all, those with short hair may opt for a half-up style to capture the same casual grace.

A light texturizing spray can add volume and keep the style looking fresh. The Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray is a personal favorite for creating a soft yet lasting hold.

Whether paired with a dress or a smart casual blazer, this style is versatile and perfect for the woman on the go, marrying functionality with a clean aesthetic.

Braid by the Shoreline

Nothing says vacation quite like a classic braid, and this one is a sunny day’s companion. This look is fantastic for long hair styles, giving off that quintessential summer vibe, whether you’re seaside or simply dreaming of the ocean.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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The style may seem more suited to those with long length hair, but with the right technique, even those with medium hair can join in on this easy, breezy summer trend.

To protect your hair from the elements while keeping it smooth and manageable, a leave-in conditioner like the Unite 7Seconds Detangler Spray is invaluable, especially post-swim.

It’s a quick and easy look that’s as practical as it is pretty, keeping you cool as you soak up the sun and perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a mermaid, even if just for a summer’s day.

Mermaid Waves

For those blessed with long hair or medium hair, here’s a style that celebrates your waves like the ocean itself. The natural, tousled look is the essence of a relaxed, beach-inspired vibe, perfect for any vacation or just to bring a bit of the beach to your everyday life.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: Bers 🌙

This style is a match for anyone who loves a cute and carefree look, especially those with naturally wavy or straight hair that can be coaxed into waves with a bit of sea salt spray.

To help define those waves and add texture, a product like the MoroccanOil Beach Wave Mousse can enhance the body and shape of your natural hair.

With long hair cascading like waves at high tide, this look is your go-to for a touch of easy, summertime romance.

Sleek Minimalism

This style is all about the sleek simplicity that speaks to the modern woman. A short hair style accentuated with a minimalist hairband, it’s the epitome of easy updo elegance for a more refined, office-friendly look.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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While ideal for those with medium hair or a short cut, it’s not the best fit for longer styles but can inspire those with longer locks to try a similar, sleek-backed look with the aid of a hairband.

For keeping hair smooth and in place, I suggest the TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Gel, for its long-lasting hold and shine.

The style is a nod to the smart casual yet chic look that can take you from day to night with its understated elegance.

Top Knot Haven

Embrace the hot summer days with a top knot that keeps the heat at bay. This updo for long hair is playful yet practical, making it an excellent choice for daily wear or a casual party.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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It’s an excellent option for those with long hair or medium length hair looking to get their tresses up and out of the way, while those with short hair styles can opt for a mini bun.

Using a good quality hair tie, like the Invisibobble, will ensure your bun stays in place without damaging your hair.

Dress it down with a pair of sunglasses and a casual shirt for a school casual look or dress it up with some statement earrings for an evening out—this top knot is as versatile as it is easy.

Cascading Elegance Updo

For those moments when the summer breeze calls for something a bit more formal without losing touch with the season’s ease, this cascading updo is a work of art. Ideal for long hair or those with medium length hair, this style is the perfect companion for a wedding guest or any function where a touch of elegance is desired.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: FASHION WEEK

Its suitability spans across various hair types, but those with short hair might need a few extensions weaved in to achieve the full cascade effect. Keeping this masterpiece intact, especially in the summer heat, calls for a stronghold hairspray like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold.

With just the right mix of formality and frolic, it’s as comfortable at a high-end soirée as it is at a vacation dinner by the sea.

Beachy Blonde Bob

Summer is not just about the styles you can create but also the color that reflects the season’s light. This tousled, beachy bob is a perfect statement for those preferring short hair styles but still want to make a splash. It’s especially suitable for those with a straight hair texture looking to add a bit of body and movement.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: 𝐀𝐧𝐚

To achieve the tousled look, a texturizing spray such as the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray can add volume and the perfect undone finish. The blonde hue is a great companion for summer wardrobes full of color or the classic whites of the season.

This style says easy and daily wear without sacrificing a speck of chic —it’s as quick and easy as a summer morning.

Sophisticated Summer Bun

Here’s a twist on the classic bun, with a relaxed yet sophisticated look that’s great for those with medium length to long hair. It’s a wonderful choice for a party, an office meeting, or when you need a quick and easy yet stylish updo for long hair.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: Abbi Rose

This style can be adapted for those with short hair by creating a smaller bun or adding accessories for more volume. A smoothing serum or cream, such as the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum, will keep the hair sleek and in place.

Whether it’s a casual daily look or for a smart casual event, this bun is versatile and chic, keeping you cool and collected no matter the summer heat.

Bold and Braided

When the temperature rises, a bold braid is not just a style but a necessity. This double braid is both a statement and a solution to long hair that needs taming in the hot summer weather. It’s an excellent style for school, daily activities, or a day out with friends.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: Ecsstassyyyyy

Ideal for those with long length hair or thick hair, this braid ensures your locks are stylishly secured. To help craft the perfect braid, a flexible styling cream, like the Bumble and Bumble Styling Cream, will provide hold without stiffness.

It’s the embodiment of quick and easy—a braid that’s as practical for a beach day as it is for an urban adventure.

Tousled Half-Up Twist

And for a cute, easy updo that pairs wonderfully with summer’s laid-back vibe, the tousled half-up twist is a dream. This style is a perfect match for medium hair to long hair, providing a quick and easy way to look put-together in seconds.

This hairstyle is ideal for creating a daily, effortless look that works just as well for school casual as it does for a weekend party. For an extra touch of texture, a product like the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray can give you those desired beachy waves.

Embrace the spontaneity of summer with this half-up twist that’s as versatile as it is vibrant, a true testament to the season’s free spirit.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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Elegant Simplicity

This understated ‘do breathes grace into hairstyles for women looking to balance elegance with ease. A loose, textured bun, accentuated with a minimalist hair accessory, speaks to those summer evenings where simplicity wins. Can you see yourself donning this look at a wedding guest event or a smart-casual function?

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: Chubili

For those with medium length hair to long hair, this style offers versatility. It’s forgiving on days when battling greasy hair is not on your agenda, yet sophisticated enough to elevate a dress or kurta for an impromptu dinner outing.

To keep this effortless twist pristine in the summer breeze, I suggest a light-hold hairspray, perhaps something with a hint of shine. Trust me, a product like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray can be a game-changer.

Now, while the style may look enchanting on straight hair or long length hair, those with very short hair may find this look a tad challenging. But fret not; a faux bun extension can work wonders.

Purple Braid Majesty

Ah, the majestic braid. A classic example of updos for long hair that radiates both strength and femininity. This particular style—a thick, purple-tinted braid—is a testament to how braids can be both a statement and a whisper, perfect for those long, lazy days or a vibrant party setting.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: @poppy_hairstyles

It’s most flattering on thick hair, where the braid can show off its full glory, and the color purple can truly pop, don’t you think? However, if your mane is more on the medium hair side, consider volumizing products or hair extensions to achieve this bold look.

Summer hair craves hydration, so never skimp on a good conditioning treatment. A dollop of Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask will keep your locks luscious and your color vivid.

But let’s be real—braids this intricate may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those looking for a quick and easy style. And for those with short hair, a braid of this nature might remain a dream, unless you opt for extensions.

Half-Up, Half-Down Chic

This hairstyle is where sophistication meets nonchalance—a perfect half-up, half-down ‘do that could easily become your go-to for a daily look or a school casual vibe. It’s a classic example of medium hair for beginners and seasoned stylists alike.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: @talie_danielle

Best suited for medium length to long hair, this style adds a touch of class without trying too hard. And if you’re someone who often resorts to a ponytail for practicality, this look will certainly spice things up without any extra hassle.

For maintenance, a smoothing serum, like the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum, can help combat humidity and leave your hair sleek and shiny.

On the flip side, those with short hair may find the half-up option less viable. Yet, with a few strategic bobby pins and a touch of creativity, a mini version of this style is certainly within reach.

Effortlessly Tied Back

There’s a certain allure to a hairstyle that looks as though you’ve just swept your hair back without a second thought—an embodiment of medium hair casual. This look is not only easy to achieve but also translates seamlessly from a beach outing to an office setting.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: @tokyoblondepasta

I’d say it’s ideal for medium hair to long length hair, offering a reprieve on those hot summer days when you want your neck free of any entanglements. For those with straight hair or wavy textures, the natural flow adds a playful touch to this restrained style.

Now, for those of you with hair that tends to get a bit greasy, this is a fabulous way to stylishly combat those less-than-ideal hair days. A spritz of dry shampoo like Batiste can offer a fresh look and extra volume at the roots.

If you have short hair, you might think this isn’t for you, but with a few strategically placed pins and perhaps a cute clip, you can emulate the essence of this look. It’s all about making the style work for you.

Chic Low Bun with a Twist

When it comes to easy updo hairstyles, nothing beats the sophistication of a low bun, adorned here with elegant pearls. It’s a chic solution for any summer event, be it a vacation dinner or a function where the dress code reads smart casual.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
Photo credit by: @tokyoblondepasta

This hairstyle sings on medium length to long hair, especially when you’re aiming to impress without appearing overdone. It’s also a graceful workaround for days when your hair isn’t cooperating, and you need a quick and easy fix.

To keep this bun in place while you flit from one summer soiree to the next, I recommend using a stronghold gel, like the eco-friendly Giovanni Eco Chic LA Natural Styling Gel. It’s effective without the crunch.

For my friends with short hair, fear not. A low bun can be yours with the help of a few extensions or a creative twist on the traditional chignon that plays with texture and volume to achieve a fuller look.

Bohemian Twin Braids

Dive into the bohemian spirit with these cute twin braids, a playful yet easy nod to quick and easy – simple hairstyles for summer. This style wraps simplicity and charm into one, offering a fresh take on the braids we’ve all come to love.

Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas
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Tailor-made for those blessed with medium to long hair, these braids bring a touch of boho-chic to any look—be it a flowy dress for a beach outing or paired with a kurta for a casual school event. The key lies in the braid’s texture, which should be loose enough to give a laid-back feel yet tight enough to maintain form.

Maintaining the allure of these braids might call for a dab of texturizing spray. I often reach for the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, which adds the right amount of body and a beachy texture that doesn’t weigh down the hair.

For those with short hair, you might be thinking, “Is this style doable for me?” Absolutely! It’s all about creating smaller sections and working with what you’ve got. A little bit of braiding can go a long way in adding personality to your hair, no matter its length.

And let’s not forget the power of accessories. Adding small flowers or pearl pins to these braids can elevate them from everyday casual to wedding-guest-ready in a snap. It’s all about the details that make your hairstyle uniquely yours.

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Quick and Easy: Simple Hairstyles for Summer 25 Ideas

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